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Utkal ancient name of Orissa, means land of excellence in art. The glorious heritage of Orissa’s art, as embodied in its antiquities, thrives even today among the numerous artisans of the state.The art and crafts store is a vast repository of exquisite pieces shaped with consummate skill at the hands of traditional artisans.

Large free standing sculptures in stone like Nartakis(Dancing lady figures), Musicians lady figures of different types in the style of son temple of Konark, different varieties of God and Goddess figures, Panchamukhi Ganesh,the image of Surya, Massive Elephat, Warior horse, Gaja singha etc. Varieties of wood carvings that once adorned royal courts terracotta figures, silver filigree work,applique and laquor works of superb quality,Rama lila,Krishna lila scenes in patta paintings, Dhokra works(Tribal art)of the tribal people are the few sample of the bewildering variety of Orissan handicrafts and their artistic excellence.